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 The America Fuck Yea Boxxx - July 2018

Nothing says America like the 4th of July.  My  America Fuck Yea boxxx has everything to you need  to see orgasmic fireworks...and not just the ones on the forth !

Do It Outside Boxxx - June 2018

“Summer is here! Time to get off your couch and into the bush! No, not MY bush, but with my boxxx! This month’s boxxx has everything you need to be prepared for the great outdoors, even if that’s just Saturday drinking shirtless on your deck. Hey, one step at a time, am I right?

The Get Over Your Ex-Boxxx - May 2018

“There are some things money CAN buy, like my boxxx. For everything else, there’s also my boxxx.” -Dani

April Boxxx- The Kinky Box

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dom, a sub, a sadist, a masochist, (this is starting to sound like a bar joke)…a Shibari, a master, a dominatrix, a bottom, a voyeur, a pain slut, a beginner, a first-rate Florentine (call me if you are), or all of the above and more, this is the boxxx for EVERYONE.  This ain't no 50 shades of grey shit. This is the real deal. 

March Boxxx - The Morning After Box

You had a night of bomb ass sex...this is the box you need for the morning after!

February Boxxx - The Date Night Box

You ready for that big date...wanna get some.  I got you. Everything you need for the perfect date!